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Little bit about me 



Im Leonie a Dorset wedding photographer travelling all over the UK and Europe to shoot super in love couples in incredible places.

I specialise in intimate weddings and festival style weddings also photographing family, engagements, maternity and couples! 

If you're the type of couple up for an adventure on your big day, don't mind getting that dress a little messy, hair a little windswept then I'm the girl for you! I can help you find epic locations to create some absolute magic.

Basically I love LOVE so there is no better 'job' to have than capturing the way people love one another. It honestly makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world!

Photography to me is more than just clicking away on the camera, it's using my lens to stop time and capture the emotions and thoughts of each person I meet. To pause a moment in time and keep that memory forever is why I do what I do. 


I adore hearing your couple stories, your visions and ideas for the big day and everything in-between so please get in touch to let me be a part of your special day!


A few fab facts

1) There has not been one wedding I've shot that I have not cried at, the speeches get to me every single time, don't worry though, the teary eyes behind the camera won't stop me from getting your shots.

2) I'm a vegan, this means I will probably bring a lunchbox to your wedding just incase I get stuck with a cucumber sandwich again!

3) My other passions alongside photography are mostly drinking tea, cooking up a storm, lifting weights, writing numerous lists and picking out perfectly ripe avocados at the supermarket.

4) I often get described by guests as both a photographer and children's entertainer in one. 

5) I am both team Canon and team Sony. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.