• Leonie Jones


Hey everyone!!

So excited to be doing my very first proper blog post and its all about something superrrrrr close to my heart! Post wedding sessions!

Sometimes you might see some of my pictures and be like, hang on, how did they manage to get to a waterfall in the middle of a hectic wedding day!? *Spoiler Alert* We probably didn't. Although I am beyond lucky to be shooting some epic weddings at some crazy beautiful places not all couples have the time/weather/light to get those extra insane photographs that you often see popping up on my insta!

This is where post wedding shoots come in! I take the two of you to some epic scenery at either sunrise (early bird truly does get the worm) or sunset (for those that need those extra hours, I feel ya!) You can dress back up in your wedding outfits or even find some super cute affordable dresses, co words etc. I am more than happy to help you find something special that you can effectively wear in mud, water and smoke bombs and not worry that your dream dress is ruined forever!

My favourite locations are all over the UK and Europe and here are just a few of my recent post wedding sessions to give you an idea of what its all about!

Gabor & Alex : Wales Waterfall shoot

It rained and rained and rained during this session and I had to keep an umbrella over my camera the whole time but it was the most raw beautiful and intimate shoot. The whole session was literally like a movie scene. Waterfalls are my number one post wedding shoot locations. From Scotland to Cornwall to Iceland to Wales, there are some absolute beauties I truly cannot wait to explore, so if you happen to be travelling to these places, bring me with you and lets create magic!

Next up: Biddy & Irina at Portland Bill - Dorset

Would you believe that this absolutely epic spot is down south only around an hour from my home! This place is the coolest and is truly for those of you adrenaline lovers, this mini rock climb isn't for everyone but it makes for the coolest shot to hang in your home! Fab fact: this photo also made rangefinders 'photo of the day'.

And finally: Samantha & Matt

Want to get beachy? I adore a little dance in the sea and these two literally made my summer with this little session. Get that dress soaked, hair wet and makeup smudged, the photos are beyond worth it, I promise!

Another fab fact: these photos made it into bridemagazine, you can see the article here: https://www.bridemagazine.co.uk/articles/natural-bridal-shoot-dorset-beach

So that's it folks, post wedding sessions! They truly are my favourite things in the world to do, so calm, so much fun and no limits to what we can create!

My post shoot packages vary so we can always find one to suit you and what you're looking for, whether you want some while you're on your honeymoon or 5 years later because you didn't get the portraits of the two of you on your big day that you really wanted!

I offer post wedding shoots to all couples that book me for their actual wedding at a hugely discount rate.

Lots of love,

Leonie xxxx