Titling this page tiny weddings is a little bit of a misconception. Elopements and intimate weddings are anything but tiny! They may have a smaller number of people but thats the only thing tiny about it. The day can be as EXTRA as you want it to be. Elopements used to be about running away with your love in secret and coming back married. This is no longer the case, these weddings can be anything you want them to be! Wanna grab a boat trip? Invite 15 of your closest to a lux airbnb surrounded by nature? Have a bonfire in your back garden? I have long been loving the idea that your wedding is about YOU and what you want, it is your day after all! I work with an incredible team who create absolute magic with planning, photography, hair, makeup and videography all available! Pop me a message and lets get this show on the road.



  •  You cant bring anyone along.

Bring your best friends, bring your parents, bring your dog (no seriously please bring your dog) or of course just the two of you, it is up to you!

  • You lose traditions.

You can still first dance in the middle of nature or even in the sea, you can have the floral arch of dreams and you can cut your cake and eat it. You keep what you want to keep.

  •  Its basically just a couple of hours taking photos.

Although there will be photos the day is all about you and your loved ones, I like to take half an hour here and there for some epic shots but its so important to make a day of it! Get ready together listening to your favourite songs, hire a chef for the most lux meal you’ve ever had, hire a boat, campervan round and explore. The world is your oyster.

Does this sound like your kinda thing?